How Do You Advertise on Facebook? – A Step-By-Step Guide

Looking at the fan pages, advertisements and contests on Facebook seem very easy and simple. But exactly how do you advertise on Facebook?

Listed here are guides on how to effectively advertise on Facebook.

A. What you want to advertise. It can be a webpage, product, services, company, events, etc. you can also advertise something in the Facebook or you may want to copy an existing Ad – as long as it is legal, and comply with the terms and policies of Facebook as enumerated in their advertising policy.

B. Create your Ad. There are lots of things to consider in creating the right ad on Facebook such as:

*Title. Create a title not more than 25 characters long. Be careful on placing a title for your ads. Otherwise, your ads might get rejected. Here are some common mistakes:

• Capitalization of each word
• Capitalization of the entire title
• Incorrect grammar, sentence structure, spelling
• Using slang words
• Inappropriate Ad Text
• Incorrect punctuations
• Numbers and Symbols in the place of words
• Unreliable discounts and offers
• Inappropriate images
• Destinations
• Incorrect target market

The correct and appropriate ad uses standard and proper capitalization. In the title for instance, the first letter of every word in the title should be capitalized.

*The Body. The correct ad text should be that the first letter of the first word in the sentence is capitalized as well as all the proper nouns found in the text such as the name of a person, place, and date, etc.

* The Correct Ad. Next is creating the ad. For example, if you are advertising your product, here’s how it may look like: “Use our free Website tracker if you want to trace up the performance of your Website.”

* The Photo for your Ad. Upload or browse image which is relevant to what your ad is all about. If it is a website, you can ad your website logo.

* Social Actions. It is important to click on what action you want to do. There are options for you to choose which are related to your post but be wise to select the one which has the greatest members or fans.

C. The exact market you wanted to reach.

* Location. It is up to you to select a location; it could be a country or if you want to be specific, you can also select what state or city your target is.

* Gender. Who will use your product? Is it only for men or women or for both?

* Age. It is very important to specify what age is your product applicable because there are some products that cannot be used for children and could be rejected by Facebook as an ad.

* Keywords. Since your ad is all about Website you might want to go ahead and add those relevant topics like Website Design, Website Marketing, Marketing Specialists, etc. Then you can automatically see the people at the specific age in a certain location and have a chance to make them as your clients.

D. Decide How Much You Are Willing to Spend. Facebook offers at least two methods as to how you would be paying for your ad. It allows you to select the option whether you prefer to have the pay for clicks or pay for views. Add your budget price for daily budget and your maximum bid for the pay per 1000 impressions you received if you prefer pay for views. However, pay for clicks on Facebook costs lesser, if you are on a tight budget. And finally you can schedule your time when to start running and stop your Ad.

Place your order on Facebook and you will receive a message that you have successfully created your advertisement on Facebook. In the beginning, you asked, “How do you advertise on Facebook?” And pretty much, that question has been answered. What remains now is, “What are you waiting for?” While it’s true that the world waits for your product to be advertised, but remember your competition waits for no one, especially not you.

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